PAWS for Thought

PAWS for Thought

13 February 2021

In the UK we’re a nation of animal lovers and lockdown has seen a rise of domestic pets ownership.

The Pet Food Manufacturers Association has stated that enquiries for pets increased by 253% during lockdown!

Whether it’s that additional company, or an excuse to get active in the great outdoors, demand has soured for an additional member of the household…

For homeowners this is of course no problem, but according to trade resource Property Industry Eye, just 7% of private landlords currently advertise pet friendly properties. Tenants are often left with a heart-wrenching decision – give up their pets or having to find property that does allow pets, which can be time-consuming and limits property options.

Model Tenancy Agreement

How this is all changing!

The Government has recently changed its standard tenancy agreement template to enable renters to keep pets as its default setting.

Under this agreement, landlords won’t be allowed to issue a blanket refusal. Instead, landlords will need to provide evidence in writing within 28 days of a request. There needs to be a good reason such as impracticalities or size of the property.

Landlords will be protected legally, as it will fall to the tenant to repair or cover any damages as a result of pet ownerships.

Good news for our fury friends, but landlords – what do you think?

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