It’s Charlie’s Best Year Ever… will it be yours?


It’s Charlie’s Best Year Ever… will it be yours?

06 February 2019

Wards’ Best Year Ever competition on kmfm came to a cracking resolution last week as Charlie Bott scooped the grand prize of £5,000.

 For three long weeks, Kent listeners have been trying to correctly guess three box numbers between 1-50 that had the words, 'Best' 'Year' 'Ever' behind them.

After day two of gameplay, savvy listeners had managed to guess the boxes with "Year" and "Ever" hidden inside and it was just one word that stood in the way of a kmfm listener winning £5,000.

The Wards-sponsored competition – which is kmfm's biggest single cash jackpot prize to date – was eventually won on Andy Walker's show at 11am Monday 28th January. Charlie Bott, who hails from Margate, plans to spend his winnings on a dream holiday to San Francisco – he anticipates it’ll be his “best year ever now”.

So, thanks to Wards, Charlie’s year is off to a terrific start – now, what can we do to make it your Best Year Ever?

If you’re looking to make a change this year, we can lend a hand. Whether you’re looking to sell your home, invest in a buy-to-let or take your first tentative steps onto the property ladder, Wards can turn those goals into a reality, helping you to make this your Best Year Ever.

Make today the day that you start something new. Get in touch and let us help you.