Increase in Demand for Pet-friendly Landlords

Increase in Demand for Pet-friendly Landlords

10 September 2021

Here at Wards, nothing makes us happier than finding our customers that home that’s just right for them… but what about their furry friends?

They may not pay rent, but there’s no denying that our pets are a part of the family and it seems that, more and more, they really do make a house a home!

Rightmove announced that, in July, searches for pet-friendly rentals rose by a whopping 120%!

So, we ask “Are landlords missing out on a paw-fect opportunity?”

The vast majority of landlords operate a very clear ‘no pets allowed’ policy, haunted by first-hand experience or are aware of stories of ruined carpets, shredded walls and chewed doors.

The government recently updated their ‘model’ tenancy agreement template to change the emphasis to be ‘pets permitted’ unless the landlord has a good reason to refuse. This gained a good level of coverage in the media leading people to think the law had changed – when it hadn’t – but it may be a sign of the direction of travel. The government's model tenancy agreement is not widely adopted by landlords or letting agents so the changes are rather irrelevant!

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the housing market has been incredibly active as hordes of people started the search for their new home but that’s not the only search that was happening. Many were also looking for companions of the waggy-tailed variety.

Now, we’re not suggesting you open your rental home up to a house-trained pig or allow your tenants to keep a horse in the garden; but could landlords benefit from a wider pick of tenants by allowing well-behaved pets?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer here. Some properties are more suitable than others and you have got an investment to consider. Some tenants are willing to pay a little more for a pet-friendly place so in the long run it could pay to be flexible.

Rest assured, though. Here at Wards, we offer fantastic protection products to safeguard your property and ensure you won’t be left with a bill should Fido misbehave.

If you have any questions about becoming a pet-friendly landlord or how you can better protect your asset, speak to your local lettings agents today!

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