What can you expect from the housing market this year?

17 January 2019

We’ve just published our biannual report into the housing market, which offers a retrospective look over the past 6 months – and what to expect in 2019.

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Will this be your Best Year Ever?

10 January 2019

  We’re starting 2019 the best way possible… with a sparkling new look Office and the biggest cash giveaway we’ve ever offered.

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What is the timeline for buying a house?

06 January 2019

Congratulations – you’ve found your new home. But now what? Buying a home is a bit like jumping through hoops – once one job is done, another presents itself. But with our help, it needn’t be so.

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How to buy a house

30 December 2018


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Renting out a property - 6 things you need to know

16 December 2018

1. What is letting a property? Letting a property is the term used for when a homeowner rents out their entire home or a room within a property to a tenant. One of the main reasons for renting out.

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Costs of selling a home – and how to reduce them

12 December 2018

Selling property can be expensive. With removal companies, conveyancing fees and estate agent fees, you’ll want to make sure you’re saving money wherever possible.

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When to accept an offer on your home

09 December 2018

Accepting an offer on your house or flat is a tough decision. Not only should you take into account the current state of the market and what similar properties nearby have sold for, but also your.

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What are sealed bids

02 December 2018

A sealed bid house sale can result in a selling price that’s well beyond a seller’s expectations. Sealed bids also help a buyer to focus on how interested they are in a property, motivating them.

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Property Jargon Demystified

21 November 2018

If you’re buying, selling or letting, property jargon can leave you scratching your head in confusion. Don’t worry, it’s a common problem. Long and wordy documents, quick-talking professionals and.

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What is an open house

18 November 2018

Open house events are a great way to market your property. Whether you’re looking to sell a beloved family home or an inherited property that’s in dire need of modernisation, an open house can be.

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